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101 Club, Clermont-Ferrand, FR | 12/04/2019

More hardware badness, this time for 2 hours with some electro fanatics ! Bang it !

Announcing The Legend Of Cherenkov Blue | 2×12 LP

‘The Legend of Cherenkov Blue’: a Gary Gritness Adventure of cinematic proportions. New 2×12 album out on April 19 !

Rinse, Paris FR | 28/09/2018

Gonna work the hardware to the bone on this one. Don’t miss OCB from Casa Voyager as well !

75021, Paris FR | 25/08/2018

The Gritness will be comin’ back at ya for a 2-hour improvised hardware set this Saturday in Paris for 75021 #28 spéciale Station électronique ³. Locked ‘n loaded.

Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway | 10/08/2018

Next Friday I’ll be flyin’ over to Oslo, Norway to rock that no-compromise ‘Adventures’ live set at Oyanatt Festival. Y’all been warned.

Vermeille Festival, Collioure, FR | 05/08/2018

Gonna have a blast playing this old French fort with the whole Rinse France team and co-headliners Secretsundaze and Josey Rebelle.

Rex Club, Paris, FR | 05/07/2018

I will have the honor of rollin out some corrosive funk at Rex Club after the one & only DJ Pierre and alongside S3A and 90 Process. Y’all come trip with us.

Gary G’s Custom Shop, Part 1 | 2018

This white label 12″ only release sold out super fast but you may cope one on Discogs. If you’re in the mood for some bespoke cover versions of early ’80s club standards, Gary Gritness is your man. On the first volume of his Gary G’s Custom Shop series – so-called because it’s full of customized…

Unibeat Festival, Salerno, IT | 08/12/2017

An absolute honor to be able to rock the stage just before the giants of ElectroBass that are Aux88. Play it loud !!

Freak Out Magazine Interview, December 2017

Interview for Freak Out Magazine (Italy), December 2017 Let’s start with a little biographic intro. Who is Gary Gritness? Tell me who are you as artist and who are you as person. The Gary artist and the normal guy Gary are the same person? When I released my first records on Clone, someone there dubbed…